Attracting Top Talent with Virtual Recruiting (Slideshow)

Posted on 13. Jun, 2011 by in Advanced Social Media, Social Media Basics

I get asked to lead a lot of webinars, and sometimes I say yes.  This slide deck was one of those times.  I lead a webinar for HR Executive in early 2011 on how to attract top talent and avoid pitfalls with virtual recruiting.  The audience was senior HR professionals and recruiters who were interested in how individuals and organizations are using social media without creating a legal nightmare.

This topic has been quite popular as I am sure you can imagine.  Just last week a women was terminated in Pennsylvania as a result of her tweet from a company Twitter account.  While personally, I don’t think the tweet warranted termination, I wasn’t there to make a decision.  What did transpire was a media firestorm.  Companies now must consider the media fallout from terminations that happen as a result of social media.  If they did plan to terminate her, I would have recommended a fat severance and a nice legal document to keep the speculation and media to a minimum.  Of course hindsight is 20/20 and  things never exactly work out there way.

Embedded is the slideshare deck from my presentation.  You can learn more about the topics mentioned, by visiting the following articles:

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